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Menus, Bookmarks, and Keyboard Shortcuts

Hornbill has introduced a new menu for access to your installed applications, Administration, the Hornbill Community, and the Hornbill Wiki.  This menu has been designed to provide an improved layout for the ever increasing number of Hornbill apps.

Each Application tile includes a sub-menu which contains an option to 'pin' the main tile to a 'Favourites' section at the top of the menu for quick access.  If additional sub-menu options are available, these too can be individually pinned to the favourites section.  As each favourite is added, a hot-key is also allocated. This then lets you quickly access your favourites directly from the keyboard.

In addition to the menu, the Bookmarks feature can also be used to capture and create quick access links at a more granular level.

Finally, by using ALT+0 on your keyboard you can get a list of other available Keyboard Shortcuts to help with your navigation.


James Ainsworth

Written by James Ainsworth

Managing requirements for the Hornbill family of applications