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Impact Assessments

Capturing the impact of a change, an incident, or any other type of request can be crucial to determining how it is managed.  But how do you decide which impact level to select?  

Service Manager provides a great way of automatically determining the impact level to be applied.  Taking the guessing out of the hands of the user, they can be walked through a number of questions where each answer has a weighted value that contributes to the automatic selection of the impact level.  The results of the assessment are captured in the request along with the automatic application of the impact level.

At any point after the assessment, if things change or a mistake is found, a reassessment of the impact can be completed.

The assessments are managed as part of a Business Process which allows them to be presented to a user at any given point within the workflow.  When defining your workflow, you can easily select from any number of available assessments that you wish to present.


James Ainsworth

Written by James Ainsworth

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