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Nigel Martin

Nigel Martin
Our CRO Dr Nigel Martin has commissioned more than 20 international research projects across the field of Service Management identifying the challenges latest and innovations in the market today. ITIL trained, Nigel is a recognized expert in customer experience and strategy. He is a previous winner of the Global Information Award and joined team Hornbill from his role of Global Marketing Director of NCR.
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Recent Posts

Self Service & Automation Are Inexorably Tied

As the world takes its first tentative steps out of lockdown, the pandemic has forced organizations to reassess their technology stacks and transformation strategies. Advice from global consultancy groups such as McKinsey could not be clearer: act...

5 ways to make collaboration successful

Today, as the world changes around us, literally hour-by-hour, IT is faced with enabling the greatest economic transition in world history. We face uncertainty at every level, as citizens, as family members, and as employees. Will this crisis...

Escaping Your Firefighting Loop

4 Elements to Include in your Transformation Strategy Despite significant progress and innovation within the ITSM tools market, firefighting remains a serious issue for most service delivery teams.

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