• Hornbill Workspaces

    Workspaces are a great way to bring people together to discuss and share ideas on a particular topic.

    Workspaces can be easily created with options to make them public to provide visibility to all and allowing anyone to join or keep them private so they can only be seen by the members that you've added.

    Workspaces owners can manage the details of the workspace, add or remove members, or even pass ownership to someone else.

    The Newsfeed brings together all the posts and discussions on your workspaces, giving you a single place to keep you informed and up to date.


    Latest Posts

    • Locking Request Details

      2017-03-24 20:03:37
      Feature Friday

      This new feature allows the core details of the request to be locked down at a particular point within your workflow...

    • Resolving Linked Requests

      2017-03-17 21:19:54
      Feature Friday

      Whether it be incidents linked to a problem, a problem linked to a change, or a change linked to some service requests, having the ability to resolve or close these in a single action can be a huge time saver...

    • Hornbill Live Chat

      2017-03-11 06:27:15
      Blog Posts

      Hornbill's Live Chat provides a great way for customers and end users to get in touch with the Service Desk...