• Planned Maintenance Work - UK Primary Data Center

    Planned Maintenance Work - UK Primary Data Center

    As part of regular maintenance and continuous improvement works, we will be carrying out upgrades on our core router infrastructure within our primary UK Data Centre, this work is required to allow for additional network capacity and further growth. 

    Our network engineering team will be carrying out network capacity upgrades to the core routing equipment. This will provide us with additional network capacity and performance; and will allow for additional services to be offered in the future. As part of this work the network engineering team will be replacing specific higher capacity/performance networking equipment.  We have 2 redundant routes out of our primary DC, one via Telehouse North in London and one via Equinix LD5 in Slough. The upgrades will happen one route at a time, with all traffic re-routed to prevent disruption while the network is being worked on. 

    The maintenance work will begin at 23:00 on Wednesday 25th January 2017 and is expected to last for approximately 4 hours until 03:00 Thursday 26th January 2017. As with any upgrade or maintenance work the risk profile of the platform is increased throughout, however this maintenance has been classified as low risk and non-service impacting. 

    The traffic is being moved as a precaution during the maintenance and should there be a failure on the leg that is currently passing traffic, all traffic will still failover as normal and the maintenance will cease. 


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