• The Hornbill 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Hornbill 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    Making the decision to invest in a new solution is inherently loaded with risk. That's what makes the decision on which solution to choose difficult! At Hornbill we understand that pressure and that often a lot is riding on your team picking and implementing the right solution and partner. As such we have introduced the Hornbill 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee as part of our engagement model.

    We want you to be in a position to confidently subscribe to the Hornbill service satisfied that:

    • Hornbill addresses your functional and business requirements
    • Our cloud performance meets your expectations
    • Key integrations are not only proven but are already up and running
    • Imports of user and asset data are in place and operational
    • Your business process can be automated
    • MI and Dashboards you need can be generated
    • Your Hornbill Champion has been trained and you have ownership of the solution
    • Our Support and Hornbill as a partner have been put to the test

    Only then, under our Hornbill 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee do we ask you if you wish to make an informed choice to accept or reject Hornbill and begin to pay subscriptions; alternatively you can walk away.

    To get you to that point Hornbill will deliver:

    • 30 days of Free Subscriptions to the Hornbill service - a trial period
    • Free Implementation in the form of the Switch On Service
    • Free Training

    The Hornbill 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee removes RISK and gives you CHOICE.

    The benefits

    Put us to the test

    Don’t just take our word for it put us to the test with 30 days of free service; you will really get to understand why over 95% of organisations who try Hornbill go on to become a subscriber.

    Free Implementation

    We are so confident you will love our offering we are willing to do all the work upfront for FREE with 30 days of access to Hornbill Product Specialists to help configure the solution your way.

    Free Training

    Knowledge is power, free yourself from the reliance on 3rd party help; Hornbill is designed to be easy to use and manage, so simple we will train you for FREE.

    The choice is yours

    Accept or Reject the solution, its your choice! Subscribe or simply walk away, no hard feelings.

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    The Hornbill Difference

    At Hornbill our core values are:

    • Customer First

    • Quality Not Compromise

    • Partnership through Collaboration

    We believe in putting our customers at the forefront of all that we do. It is through this focus that we have been able to innovate beyond the technical aspects of our offering and into areas that relate to our Commercial offering as a whole. Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee being one such example; here are some more amazing benefits we provide.

    Software not Service

    Upgrades are an inconvenience at best; you have to stop, plan, and execute them in order to keep your solution up to date with the latest features and benefits available from your vendor.

    Customisation Guarantee

    We acknowledge that no solution is going to be a 100% fit out the box; you will more than likely require to tailor any solution in some way to capture specific information or to follow a particular process or workflow to work the way you do. Traditionally customisations mean complexity and cost when you come to upgrades, often requiring them to be set aside or reapplied. At Hornbill we believe in keeping things simple, we guarantee any customisations you make will not only be done in a code free environment but they will continue to work regardless of any updates we deploy automatically out to you as a customer.

    Hornbill “Priced for Life” Guarantee

    At Hornbill we think that it’s important to show loyalty to our customers in exchange for their custom. As part of this commitment we guarantee that the price plan in place at the time you subscribe to the Hornbill service is fixed for as long as you remain a customer of that service. If we do increase the price of our service at some point in the future you won’t be affected; better still if we reduce the price you have the option to switch to over to the new price plan without any penalty.

    Hornbill “Trained for Life” Guarantee

    Training can be costly and when good people move on to new things, this can leave you with a big gap to fill and worries over how quickly you can get their replacement up to speed. Fortunately, Hornbill Service Manager is already very intuitive and easy to become familiar with, but to make this transition even easier; our Trained for Life guarantee will ensure that your new Hornbill Champion receives the same extensive care and attention that your very first Hornbill Champion received as part of our free Switch-On. Not only that, as long as you remain a Hornbill customer, Trained For Life extends also, free of charge, to replacements for any of the other nominated contacts outlined as part of your Success Plan.

    Hornbills Simple Terms of Service

    We believe in having happy customers; not contractually bound customers as such we have made sure that our contracts reflect this. Hornbill offers all our customers the ability to terminate the contract for convenience, which in layman’s terms means cancel any time for any reason with no notice period required. Furthermore we have simplified and designed our Standard Terms of Service to negate the need for costly and protracted legal negotiations. You can find our terms of service and some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Secure Enterprise Grade Cloud Service

    Security and Accountability is central to our Cloud offering. We understand that you want to ensure that you are working with a reputable partner and most importantly that your data is secured. As such we take great pride in delivering a 1st class service, underpinned by our ISO 27001 certification and the Hornbill Terms of Service. This will ensure you have the confidence that we meet your own high standards when it comes to security. To this end you can point your security officer at our Security and Cloud Questions Frequently Asked Questions page.

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