• HR Service Management

    Hornbill Service Manager helps HR teams to optimise and automate HR processes for more efficient and consistent HR service delivery and management. HR teams can streamline day-to-day HR operations, reduce overall costs and focus more attention on strategic HR issues.

    The lack of critical process automation and task orchestration in HR case management tools adversely affects the quality of service delivery. Complex user interfaces don’t engage users and limited auditability, tracking, and real time reporting mean it can be difficult for HR management to understand, measure, or report back on HR performance and its impact on the business.

    HR Service Management

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    Hornbill Service Manager streamlines and improves quality of HR service delivery through a combination of a consumer like self-service portal, coupled with an intuitive Service Request Catalog with pre-defined services to ensure a consistent service response and make it easier for employees to raise and track the progress of their HR requests.

    Enhance the user experience

    Enhance the user experience and reduce HR team workload by providing an intuitive and engaging HR Self-Service portal that that enables employees to log requests and access knowledge articles 24x7. Branded to reflect your corporate identity, the Self-Service portal can provide a single point of access to multiple corporate service desk functions.

    Increase Productivity

    Increase HR & employee productivity with standardised HR request processes accessed through the self-service portal. All HR requests can be consolidated and centrally managed, being allocated to the correct team members who can notified to take action.


    Deliver consistent service quality with powerful business process and task orchestration that eliminates errors and increases throughput. Hornbill’s powerful graphical business process orchestration engine allows you to define and modify workflows easily ensuring you keep your processes flowing.

    Build virtual HR teams regardless of location

    On-the-go collaboration features enable your team to communicate and share information effectively and efficiently on any device, in any location, in any language and at any time. Team members get instantly notified and can take action wherever they are in the world. They can continue conversations, participate in team collaborations and meetings and have access to all of your team documents

    Measure, analyse and improve performance

    Better understand the volume and types of requests handled by HR Measure performance against service level targets and evaluate HR resource utilisation

    Integrate corporate service desk functions

    Integrate HR activities and collaborate with other corporate service desk functions. Unify the access to multiple corporate service desk functions with a single Self-Service portal that is branded to reflect your corporate identity.

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    Self-Service: Provide Your End-Users With Easy Access To HR Services, Help And Knowledge

    Support more efficient and effective HR with a beautiful, branded self-service portal.

    Users have full access to service information, status updates and can search frequently asked questions outside normal business hours via a consumer like employee portal. The intuitive interface makes it easy to order/track HR services, offering significant improvements in operational efficiency and an enhanced customer experience and minimal interruption to business productivity.

    Free Implementation – Reduced Cost and Complexity

    Purchasing, deploying, and using an HR Service Management solution has never been so quick, simple and cost effective. Every customer receives a free “switch on” service that provides the configuration needed to get you integrated with Single Sign-On (Single Sign On), to bring in your users, customers and assets; ready to raise requests to support your workforce. Hornbill’s free service will have you and running the same day with no fuss, complex installs, or expensive consultancy services. The simplicity of deploying new modules means that you only add functionality when you need it. Modular design and role based security enables you to deploy different modules to different users, so you only pay only for what you need. And with the Hornbill App Store, it’s all available with a click.

    Designed for Modern Mobile Teams

    You and your colleagues are not always at your desk! It’s essential that team members are notified and take action, wherever they are ensuring they are able to drive processes forward and view, update, reassign and authorize requests and activities while on the move.

    Eliminate Lengthy, Complex and Costly Maintenance and Upgrade Cycles

    Like the idea of not having to upgrade and maintain your Hornbill solution? With Hornbill delivering continuous software updates that automatically upgrade your applications, with no loss of service, and your customizations will always be maintained. You’ll always be on the latest version, and our experts will further enhance your productivity by tuning the service, resolving issues, and maintaining our infrastructure to deliver the highest level of performance and security of your data. Complex upgrades and being stuck on old software versions are now a thing of the past.

    Analytics to Visualize, Report and Optimize Performance

    Hornbill makes it easier communicate and visualize HR service delivery performance, improvement and value over time. The process of producing management information and reports doesn't have to be time-consuming and labour intensive. An integrated reporting and trending engine provides real time insight into the volume and types of request, assignment and workload, enabling management to balance resources for optimal service quality.

    Powerful business process orchestration & task automation

    Powerful business process and task automation, automates the assignment of requests and tasks to a designated human resources specialist or team for fulfillment. Powerful business process design capabilities, enable you to configure complex operational processes – yet the complexities are invisible to the people carrying out those processes. Comprehensive alerts and notifications ensuring that every request gets actioned within agreed service level targets.

    Get Up and running in minutes. Free Implementation Services.

    We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.