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    Day to day, employees engage with a multitude of services delivered by different business units. While most IT organizations use a Service Management solution to underpin and improve delivery of IT services, other business functions often rely on email, spreadsheets or ‘home-grown’ applications. This approach may work, but it typically isn’t as efficient, or as cost-effective, as it could be; due to the absence of self-service, knowledge management, workflow, automation, and the alerting that we now take for granted in IT Service Management solutions.

    This is where ESM comes in providing a common platform and a unified approach, streamlining these day to day interactions and providing the platform for transforming productivity.

    Enterprise Service Management

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    ESM Service Areas

    Human Resources




    Citizen Response



    Application Development




    Customer Service

    Freedom of Information

    Health and Safety

    Information Technology

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    Compared with traditional ESM solutions, Hornbill Service Manager requires significantly less effort and resources to deploy and maintain and has collaboration at its core. It delivers a fresh approach blending the most effective principles from traditional service management best practice with innovative social principles to empower people and support the agile working practices of modern business.

    When these elements are applied, the customer experience is greatly enhanced and operational efficiency is significantly improved.


    Service Portal; provide employees with a destination offering a rich and intuitive consumer experience. One interface, one set of login details, accessible via the web or mobile device.


    Make knowledge and information accessible to your employees, this will greatly aid them is resolving or heading off issues maintaining their productivity. No need to wait for a response.


    Speed up the resolution of issues and challenges as teams and business units are able to leverage a common platform to share knowledge and expertise through collaboration and improved visibility. Don’t spend time reinventing the wheel.


    Better queue management, prioritisation of workload, efficient processing of inbound service requests based on business priorities and agreed service levels drives a shift from firefighting to delivering strategic objectives.


    Business Process and Workflow can be automated and orchestrated to optimise the delivery of service, ensure consistency and to adhere with regulatory and other compliance requirements.


    Drive up employee satisfaction as a predictable approach is consistently applied to the handling and management of their requests. Poll employees directly to determine satisfaction levels.


    Integrated analytics and MI provides better visibility of operations and the service provided across business units enabling service improvement.


    Take advantage of economies of scale, rolling out a unified technology platform ensures a reduction in cost and complexity over desperate point solutions from a subscription, support and knowledge perspective.

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    Self-service efficiencies and automation

    Relieve the pressure on service delivery teams through Self-service efficiencies and automation.

    Identify repeat issues, provide self-help, knowledge, and cut down on progress update requests.

    Deliver a powerful consumer experience to your employees; one place to go to interact with multiple internal service providers, be that IT, HR, Finance, Facilities or any number of other tams or units supporting key business services.

    Employees can quickly get the solutions they need through self-help, log issues, raise requests, see status updates and track progress all the while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

    Improved visibility into operations and performance

    Enterprise service management offers increased transparency and visibility of operational performance, enabling improvement opportunities to be identified.

    Staff and management understand what has been achieved and what hasn’t. It ultimately gives insight into the value that each business function provides and makes it easier for this to be communicated to customers and other business stakeholders.

    Enterprise service management processes and the enabling technology can be used to implement much needed internal controls and to provide insight into the work that needs to be done, and who needs to do it.

    Improved collaboration within and across business functions

    Enterprise service management facilitates a unified way of working underpinned by a common service model delivering a consistent approach for employees, regardless of which business function they are engaging with.

    This approach makes it easy for tasks and requests to be passed between individuals and teams, or to be worked on collectively. It also makes it easier for work to be passed between different business functions, breaking down traditional business silos and making it easier to engage other areas of the organization to request, and capture, their expertise and knowledge.

    Some service requests, such as the onboarding of new employees, require multiple business functions to work together to ensure that everything is delivered on time. Escalation and alerting capabilities provide visibility to ensure that every request is actioned.

    Unlock and leverage knowledge and expertise

    Collaborative Enterprise Service Management delivers a better experience for staff, with innovative approaches that enable disparate teams to share knowledge, find expertise, and foster innovation that can be put to work for the benefit of the entire user community. Teams can collaborate on issues, enquiries, projects, documents and ideas in a way that provides greater visibility and transparency across the entire organization, underpinned by powerful business process orchestration and task automation, which ensures that work gets done.

    When valuable knowledge, great ideas, and expert opinions are no longer limited by organizational silos, service delivery teams across all business functions can prioritize activities and improve the services they deliver.

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    We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.