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Hornbill Service Manager eases the difficulty in implementing ITSM best practice

Hornbill has drawn on decades of experience in ITSM, ITIL and other service management frameworks to provide modern collaborative technology that offers a more intuitive and simpler way to adopt and adapt best-practice.

Hornbill Service Manager combines powerful business process automation and orchestration capabilities, with a graphical business process designer to simplify configuration of ITSM processes. Users can complete tasks and process steps without having to understand the complexities of the process itself, and stakeholders have immediate access to status and progress information, wherever they are. Workflow drives automation and task orchestration enables people to interact, allowing processes to be streamlined, reviewed and continuously improved.

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Knowledge: Capture, retain, share and augment

Hornbill Service Manager enables you to capture valuable IT knowledge simply from conversations, ensuring that critical information is retained, shared and augmented over time. Knowledge is captured, refined and ultimately sanctioned through the process of collaboration, with entire teams providing expertise and consensus.

Capturing 'on-the-job' experience and making it available, gives service delivery teams a trusted, complete, and accurate source of information for rapid decision making. And of course, valuable knowledge isn’t lost when team members leave, as their battle-tested know-how can be passed on to others.

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Hornbill Service Manager reduces pressure on the service desk by extending your ‘shift-left’ capabilities.

Historically, IT groups have focused on moving calls from first line support to self-service. However, forward-thinking service desk leaders are now seeing the advantages of a ‘shift-left’ strategy, which moves issue resolution to the lowest cost level, by harnessing the power of community and enabling ‘tribal knowledge’ to be used for peer-to-peer support.

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Embrace BYOD

As an increasing number of personal devices appear in the workplace, service desks are under increased pressure to provide users with assistance, whilst managing risk. Forward-thinking service delivery teams are recognizing the opportunities arising from the Consumerization of IT, and embracing the potential of peer-to-peer support to provide a better service experience at the lowest possible cost and risk.

Eliminate the lengthy, complex and costly installation, integration, maintenance and upgrade cycles

Purchasing, deploying, and using an ITSM solution has never been so quick, simple and cost effective. Every customer receives a free “switch on” service that provides the configuration needed to get you integrated with Single Sign-On (Single Sign On), to bring in your users, customers and IT assets; ready to raise requests to support your entire estate. Hornbill’s free service will have you and running the same day with no fuss, complex installs, or expensive consultancy services.

The simplicity of deploying new modules means that you only add functionality when you need it. Modular design and role based security enables you to deploy different modules to different users, so you only pay only for what you need. And with the Hornbill App Store, it’s all available with a click.

Hornbill delivers continuous software updates that automatically upgrade your applications, with no loss of service, and your customizations will always be maintained. You’ll always be on the latest version, and our experts will further enhance your productivity by tuning the service, resolving issues, and maintaining our infrastructure to deliver the highest level of performance and security of your data. Complex upgrades and being stuck on old software versions are now a thing of the past.

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