Communication without boundaries

With Service Manager, you can overcome any language boundaries separating your people: team members can each use their preferred language as they collaborate and interact. This highly engaging functionality includes both the user interface itself and real-time translation capabilities, enabling dialogues between people who don’t have a common language.

Pull together the ‘A-Team’ – regardless of location and language

Customers, analysts and co-workers in different locations – perhaps different countries – can easily work together on the same issue, all following the same best-practice processes regardless of language. This means you can choose your best resources for any job to ensure your customers get the fastest resolution.

Deliver a more engaging tool that helps people work faster

Every analyst and co-worker can choose their preferred language for the user interface by setting the language they want to use in their profile, or by selecting a flag on the control bar. Users can enter text into workspaces in their chosen language, and others can instantly see it in their own language using our ‘translate now’ functionality.

All labels are also stored in English by default. Your administrator can set up translations for all the labels for each application.

Staff members then see the application labels and text translated for them automatically into the language specified in their profile.