Powerful reporting to create insights you can act on

The process of producing management information and reports doesn't have to be time-consuming and labor intensive. Hornbill Service Manager makes it easier communicate and visualize service delivery performance, improvement and value over time.

Out of the box capabilities provide the ability to quickly and easily produce metrics reports that are provide data and insight to drive performance and efficiency improvement and highlight areas of weakness. Robust data, visualization and drill down capabilities ensure teams have a trusted, complete, and accurate foundation for rapid decision making and risk analysis.

In addition to the default reports, your team can easily create custom management reports using Service Manager’s simple approach, which has four elements:


Hornbill Service manager provides users with robust analytic capabilities. Through its powerful trending engine users are able to define measures to look at performance against targets over time.

Color based indicators allow easy understanding of the current and historical achievement against set targets. Sparkline graphics give a quick representation of the measures performance to held indicate trends.

Measures can be added to scorecard widgets and used on both role based dashboards and overlaying dashboard slide shows, as well as being available for consumption in traditional reporting.

Widgets, Dashboards

Definable widget content can easily be created and forms the basis for role based dashboards. Hornbill Service Manager's dashboard designer allows users to add and consume their widgets. Through an intuitive drag and drop interface dashboard content can be reconstructed easily.


Individual dashboards can be made available for wall boarding, and or can be added to a slide show which allows multiple dashboards to be transition through a single slide show view enabling large amounts of data to be displayed on a wallboard.


Hornbill Service Manager's reporting allows user to create reports using measures, entities, or a schema designer. The intuitive report designer makes adding filters, sorting data, and publishing easy and simple to do.