Designed for mobile teams

You and your colleagues are not always at your desk so it is essential that team members are notified and take action, wherever they are ensuring they are able to drive processes forward and view, update, reassign and authorize requests and activities from a mobile device while on the move.

Driving business processes forward while you’re on the move

Hornbill Service Manager is available from the Hornbill Mobile app, enabling people to work together no matter where they are.

On-the-go collaboration means ITSM team members get notified about anything that needs their attention, and can take action, view and progress requests, ask questions, and engage with your colleagues – anytime, anywhere, from their mobile device.

The Hornbill Mobile app can be installed on a range of compatible phones and tablets to allow you to:

  • • See your news feed updates
  • • Post updates to a workspace, attaching a photo
  • • Check your notifications
  • • Check activities and authorize changes

Additional features include:

  • • Nearby use current location to find other nearby co-workers
  • • Where are you? – post your location on a workspace or ‘My Buzz’ via a check-in function
  • • Co-workers status – review the co-workers list to see if someone is:
    • • Active and in session
    • • In an active session but has been inactive for a period
    • • Mobile
  •  Put together the best possible team for a project regardless of location
  •  Drive business process forward while you are on the move
  •  Team members are able to participate in business processes even when they are not at their desk. Staff get notified and can take action wherever they are. They have the ability to view, update, reassign and authorize requests and activities from their mobile device.
  •  View and progress discussions, ask questions and engage with your colleagues – anytime, anywhere