A UI that’s beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, and works wherever you are

Many business application user interfaces are far removed from the apps your team use in their everyday lives. If you don’t like using it, it’s not intuitive and everything takes a long time to get done – it impacts performance.

Hornbill Service Manager delivers a user experience that’s similar to the popular consumer and social applications we use at home. It’s easy for people to communicate and share information, so staff can be up and running quickly, with little or no need for training.

The combination of a beautifully simple user interface, with comprehensive business process automation and task orchestration, delivers powerful, collaborative business applications that users are instantly familiar with and will eagerly adopt.

Incidents, requests, people, projects, documents and virtually any other business entity are defined as ‘social’ objects within the system that can be shared, liked, and followed. As well as making it easier for people to find Information - information will also find people when review or action is required.

With the fully-featured Hornbill Mobile app, people are notified, can collaborate, take action and participate in business processes, no matter where they are. Users can converse in their native language, with Hornbill providing translation for real-time dialogue between people who don’t speak the same language. With Hornbill Service Manager, you can participate in discussions, ask questions, review and share documents, update, reassign and authorize requests and engage with your colleagues – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

  •  The Service Desk team can work in a fresh, intuitive application where they are able to support users with minimum fuss, & at the same time enjoy themselves, driving up efficiency & productivity
  •  Support desk staff can easily find and connect with subject matter experts anywhere in the organization or around the globe, and can easily work together to resolve complex issues irrespective of location or language
  •  The use of workspaces, knowledge management and document management capabilities brings valuable, but scattered, IT knowledge and data together in one place
  •  Team members are able to participate in business processes even when they’re not at their desk. They get notified and can take action wherever they. Analysts can view, update, reassign and authorize requests and activities from their mobile device.
  •  The team can view and progress discussions, ask questions and engage with colleagues – anytime, anywhere, in any language.
  •  Analysts are not constrained or limited to accessing knowledge in a single database. They can easily find knowledge, videos, and useful articles from other sources, and post them into the system