'My Boards’ helps you organize work effectively

Hornbill Service Manager provides service desk teams with both the traditional view of requests and a highly effective alternative via ‘My Boards’.

‘My Boards’ give you a highly visual way of showing various aspects of requests and help your staff organize their activities efficiently so they get more effective at their roles. Boards are typically organized according to one of the following:

  • • Process stages – e.g. you can show all requests that have moved from the planned stage to the review stage
  • • Priority
  • • Classifications – e.g. by organizations or by products

A Board can be for the use of an individual member of the service desk team, or shared with other team members, or other teams.

Users can define boards with multiple lists (Lanes) to reflect the stages of any given process. Request cards can be added automatically from business processes or manually to any given list (lane) on a board. Each request card can be moved manually or automatically from one list to another on a board as it moves through its request life cycle. Providing users and management with a real time view for all requests, their current progress through process life-cycles and which members of the team have responsibility for each.