• Integrate project management and service desk capabilities to deliver on strategic business initiatives

    With multiple projects, and scarce resources, Project Management teams need effective collaboration tools to coordinate work between different departments and individuals, to ensure that project deliverables can be met. Hornbill Project Manager brings your stakeholders together on a centralized, cloud-based collaborative work management platform, enabling them to share information, collaborate, and get work done faster.

    With Hornbill’s scalable, cloud‑native solution, project management and service desk capabilities are integrated, to ensure that projects and strategic business initiatives are executed successfully.

    Bring together scheduling, resources, project plans, milestones, tasks, costs, and much more to coordinate, collaborate, and manage your projects. Utilize configurable project templates to ensure consistency, ensure best practice, improve control, and enhance speed of execution.

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    Project Manager

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    Hornbill Project Manager helps large and small teams organize, track, and manage their projects in one place, from start to finish. Stakeholders can quickly analyze task and milestone progression, manage project costs, and visualize and mitigate project/portfolio risk thereby keeping projects on-time and within budget.

    Project Portfolio

    Hornbill provides a portfolio of the active projects across your business. Project Stakeholders get instant access to all the projects that they are involved in, providing a collective view of the progress and risks.

    Project Overview and Details

    The Overview provides insight into the overall status of your project. You can see progress toward your milestones, which tasks are currently being worked on, and the latest discussion between the stakeholders. Project Details provide stakeholders with key information about the project's purpose and scope to ensure that everyone is aware of the goals of the project.


    Milestones are key points in a project, which indicate whether work is on schedule to meet the project completion date. Easily track and update progress visually on-screen to immediately highlight schedule changes and notify impacted teams.


    Tasks are a key aspect of all projects. With Hornbill Project Manager, tasks can be planned, scheduled and assigned to ensure that deliverables are met. Tasks can be linked to milestones and dependent tasks giving a granular view of milestone progression based on task completion.


    View and analyze your project resources. Scope, size, schedule and resource your projects based on staff skills and rates thereby ensuring your resources are used more effectively. Robust monitoring features enable you to review progress of your resources against tasks.


    Associate related entities to the project and define their relationships. When the Service Manager application is installed alongside Project Manager, Change, Release and Service Requests, Services, and Configuration Items can easily be integrated with your project.

    Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Control

    Risk assessment and controls are critical to project success. Configure the Project Risk Matrix based on impact and probability factors. Centralize and organize risks and mitigation plans directly into the project view.


    Understand and manage project costs to keep financial metrics in check and prevent any surprises, with real-time visibility of project finances. Compare estimated and actual project costs to meet project objectives and keep stakeholders informed about all associated costs and budgets.


    Stakeholder roles govern visibility and the rights associated with each role as a participant in the project. Manage the stakeholders of the project, assigning Project Managers, Members and Sponsors. Assign roles based on skills and rates.

    Centralized Document Repository

    Hornbill's Document Manager provides a central location to create, manage, share, and collaborate on documents with your co-workers. Link documents to projects and upload supporting attachments.

    Project Templates

    Create Project Templates with standard/repeatable milestones, related tasks, associated costs, currency and risks. Invoked when raising new projects, templates save time, ensure consistency, aid best practice and maintain control over these standards.

    Activity Streams

    Activity streams provide a notification mechanism and conversation space for each project. Relevant discussions are immediately visible to project stakeholders, allowing them to collaborate and provide direction for every project.

    Audit History

    Automatically retain a history of all project changes, with a full audit of all additions, deletions and edits of project entities, such as milestones, tasks, risks, costs, and stakeholders

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    Gantt Charts

    Use the Gantt charts in Project Manager to plan, co-ordinate and track specific tasks in your projects. Gantt charts are available for project tasks to compliment list views and offer views by both task and task owners. Easily see progress of each task, due dates and manage the tasks directly from the Gantt views using definable date periods and full screen options.

    Gantt Charts
    Project Metrics

    Project Metrics

    Project Manager provides out of the box metrics on project costs, risks and resources. Compliment this by creating your own project measures, widgets and role-based dashboards, roll up multiple dashboards into slideshows for displaying on plasma screens around the office, or create more detailed reports (PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX), and schedule their distribution to project stakeholders and other interested parties in Document Manager where periodic versions of the reports can be reviewed, collaborated on and even accessed from the native mobile app.

    Service Manager Integration

    With Service Manager also installed, raise new projects, add stakeholders, costs and milestones from within business processes supporting your requests in Service Manager using Hornbills Integration Bridge (iBridge). Before automating the creation of the project and passing in project variables or invoking pre-defined project templates, allow project requests to be raised via SelfService and manage the business authorization of the project in Service Manager.

    Relate Changes, Releases, Service Requests, Services and Configuration Items to your projects.

    Service Manager Integration
    Project Resources

    Project Resources

    Attribute project stakeholders hourly rates, allow them to be assigned project tasks and then record all resource time against tasks, using out of the box metrics to manage individual resource performance, contributions and costs on each project.

    Project Risks

    Define, manage and mitigate project risks. Use the Risk Matrix to govern and control risks consistently across all projects in the portfolio using both impact and probability logic. Visualize individual project risks, and common risks across projects in your portfolio.


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