One of the most powerful aspects of document management is the ability to automate the tracking of document revision history. This is not only helpful when reviewing documentation to gain insight and understanding of its origins and evolution but in environments where holding a definitive record of document versions is critical for governance, security and legal needs.

How it Works

When creating a document in Hornbill Document Manager you have the option to track version information. When you chose that option, every document change is tracked and recorded in the documents activity stream and copies are made of the document. This gives you a full audit trail of document history allowing you to look back at any specific version of the document throughout its entire life cycle.

Document Locking

Document Manager allows you to lock a document before you start working on it, this ensures that there are no conflicts or duplication of effort during document edits. Full visibility of lock status is provided so your co-workers can see who is working on each document.

Publish Status

Documents managed in Hornbill Document Manager have a life cycle workflow associated with them. A document can be in draft, can be published or retired and for published documents a “Next Review Date” can be set to ensure your document remain relevant and up to date at all times.