Document Manager supports two basic types of documents. External compound documents such as Microsoft Office documents can be easily uploaded into Document Manager and native documents which are created inside Hornbill’s Document Editor.

Native Documents

Native documents can be created directly in the Hornbill application in your browser, there is no need for external tools and no need to deal with downloading and uploading file versions.

The rich text editor allows you to edit rich formatted text, embed media such as images, as well as create tables and other layout natives, all within an intuitive WYSIWYG editor interface.

Compound Documents

Documents such as those created using Microsoft Office or LibreOffice or other types of stand-alone documents such as PDFs and other reference documents can be uploaded into Hornbill Document Manager. Once uploaded other useful meta information can be wrapped around the document making it easy to track versions, share document, handle document locking and other such features that make sharing compound documents otherwise difficult.