Hornbill Customer Manager puts you in control of your customer relationships. By maintaining a single unified view of each of your customer’s contacts and organizations you can be sure that everyone in your organization has a 360 degree view of your customers.


A simple interface is the key to maintaining high quality information about your customers. Hornbill Customer Manager is a collaborative application designed to empower people in your organization to interact with each other and share knowledge and information that ultimately helps you build stronger relationships and deliver more value to your customers.

Manage Relationship

Associate your co-workers with organizations and defined the roles each associate plays in the relationship. Keep a track of external contacts, and their role within each of your customers, even when you have contacts such as consultants that represent more than one of your customer organizations.

Integrated Solution

Customer Manager integrates automatically with other Hornbill applications right out of the box but seamlessly integrates with collaboration, processes and tasks as well as e-mail and service portal capabilities.


Customize the forms and fields you use to represent organizations and contacts easily and simply.