• Get a 360 degree view of your customers. Communicate, collaborate, and manage customer data.

    Hornbill Customer Manager provides everything you need to manage communications and relationships with your customers. Your customer and contacts, communication and activity history all in one place and accessible any time and from anywhere.

    Customer Manager

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    Hornbill Customer Manager brings customer management along side collaboration where teams can discuss, plan, and communicate about their customers. Schedule activities, follow customer updates, and track history.

    Activity Management

    Plan and manage all of your activities for each customer. Schedule Call-backs, plan activities, and assign tasks to be completed by your team.

    Manage Customer Data

    Everything from managing the organisation's address to storing contracts and other documents. Keep all your important data for your customer in one place.

    Track History

    The organisation and contract timelines gives you visibility of historic customer updates, completed activities, adding and removing of documents, and more.

    Follow a Customer

    Stay in tune with updates and changes to your key customers. Follow a customer to receive notifications and News Feed updates to make sure you are always aware of what's happening.

    Collaborate and Inform

    Customer Manager allows users, teams, and managers to collaborate, discuss, and inform using Hornbill's powerful collaboration platform.

    Flexibility with Configuration

    Design organisation and contact forms to meet your specific needs. Add your own button controls for launching related web links.

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    Manage Organizations

    Every company that does business with other businesses (B2B) needs to maintain comprehensive and accurate information about each customer. Hornbill Service Manager provides a simple intuitive tool for recording information about each organisation.

    • You can filter quickly to locate any customer by simply typing any part of their name, and refined search results are returned to you while you type.
    • Archive organisation records that are no longer active customers so you maintain full and permanent history of all companies you have done business with.

    Organization Details

    Keep organization details including company information and logo, address and contact information, associated contacts, internal relationships, documents attached and of course a timeline of activities against that customer.

    Expand the information you manage using custom fields and form layout features so you can optimise the system to hold exactly the right information about each customer.

    Information about your customers can be made available to your workforce quickly and easily without complex configuration. Even users that are not Customer Manager users have visibility of the basic organisation and contact details.


    One of the major benefits of the Hornbill Platform is the underlying collaboration capabilities. Hornbill Customer Manager takes full advantage of this by making conversations relating to your customers directly accessible in the Organisation record. This means that every internal conversation, and every conversation between you and your customer is recorded in the Organisation timeline, conversations against each contact are also rolled-up into the Organisation view to give you a complete history of activity relating to each customer.


    While organisations are generally who your customers are, contacts are the people within these organisations that you will interact with. In Hornbill Customer Manager we call people associated with a customer organization “Contacts”. Maintain full contact information for each contact and associate them to organisation records. Contacts can be associated with more than one organisation allowing you to map even the post complex customer contact relationships.

    Always Accessible

    Get full access to your customer and contact information on the move right in the palm of your hands. Easily find contacts, organizations and related information, activities and call back activities from any desktop or mobile device.

    • Full access to organisations and contact records
    • Full visibility of organisation and contact timelines

    Service Manager Integration

    Expand Hornbill Service Manager to work as a B2B external customer service management solution. When Hornbill Service Manager and Hornbill Customer Manager are combined, a very powerful B2B Customer Relationship Management platform is created. Seamless integration includes making requests and tickets available directly within Organisation and Contact records and making it possible to easily configure moral access for individual contacts.

    Get Up and running in minutes. Free Implementation Services.

    We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.