Workspaces are the cornerstone of Hornbill’s collaboration solution. You can think of a workspace as a topic or a grouping of a particular subject. Workspaces are easily created by your users, they can be secure so membership is by invitation only or they can be open so anyone can join the workspace and participate in the conversion.

Activity Streams

At the very heart of a workspace is its activity stream, this should be as familiar to you as the social networking sites you are already used to using. The activity stream is a chronologically ordered stream of activity where you can post messages and share your thoughts and ideas, receive comments and communicate sentiment.


Whenever you are posting to an activity stream you can mention people using the @ symbol which will allow you to quickly identify the person you are mentioning and select them while you are typing with no extra key presses required. Once you mention someone, this not only creates an active link to their profile embedded within the content but also elevates awareness of the people being mentioned through notifications.

Embedded Rich Media

As well as text content you can easily embed a wide range of rich media right into the content, no cumbersome links, uploading of files or messing around, Hornbill is pre-integrated with a diverse range of rich media integrations which work transparently and with no configuration.

Questions and Voting

A variation on posting a conversation thread is to post a question. Unlike a normal post a question is visualized differently in the activity stream and instead of comments, your co-workers have the ability to provide answers. Others can vote for answers provided and add further commentary as required. The original post author has the ability to final-vote the preferred answer to the question. This is a fantastic way to build and share knowledge within an organization.

Members and Followers

Within every workspace list of members, their details including their on-line status is instantly available to you giving you access to the followers means you can easily start one to one conversations outside of the workspace, recognize and award someone’s contribution or if you are the owner of a private workspace remove someone from the workspace.