As well as providing an amazing platform to facilitate communications, Hornbill helps you get organized and get work done. Tasks in Hornbill allow you to create and schedule activities to be completed, assign tasks to your co-workers, and allow you to schedule and prioritize and plan your activities.

Task Bar

The Task Bar provides you direct access to your tasks. Simply slide the bar out at any time and interact directly with your current task list or quickly create a new task.

Task Board

The task board gives you a complete overview of your tasks as an organized list of things that you need to do. Tasks are organized into groups showing you current, future and overdue tasks.

Check Lists

You can easily create check-lists on your tasks. Once the task has a checklist the percentage completion is automatically calculated and displayed on each task, this allows you to break down a task into sub-tasks and easily monitor progress.

Track Chargeable Time

When completing a task you have the option to track the time you spent carrying out the task and flagging it as billable time.


View and manage your tasks on the move within the Hornbill mobile app, convenient, fast and simple

Task Automation

Applications that use Hornbill’s powerful business process orchestration engine can create and assign human Tasks driving business processes completely automatically allowing you to get your work done without having to worry that you are not following the right process.