Hornbill Collaboration is a powerful destination application that can be used by your teams or your entire organization. The product enables your team to communicate and share information effectively and efficiently on any device, in any location and at any time.

We have designed this application to be instantly familiar and usable by anyone because we have adopted the simplicity of the consumer social and mobile applications that your workforce are already used to, and created a beautiful business collaboration that your users will love to adopt and use.

True mobility – work beyond the bounds of your desk

On-the-go collaboration means you get instantly notified and can take action wherever you are in the world. You continue your conversations, participate in your collaborations and meetings and have access to all of your documents, right in the palm of your hand.

Collaborate in any language

Hornbill overcomes language and cultural boundaries by enabling you to communicate with your co-workers and customers in any language. Simply type what you want to say and let our software provide contextual translations.

Made for Sharing

Share your thoughts, your knowledge, your documents, your work and your ideas with your colleagues. Modern businesses are open, transparent and expressive with information. Information workers in your organization have a unified platform to share content, ideas and knowledge, communicate and ideate.

Infinitely Extensible

Hornbill’s App Store provides access to both productivity apps and highly functional business process driven line of business applications allowing you to expand the applications functionality and relevance to you organization’s needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) means simple for you

Hornbill Collaboration is provided as a cloud service, which means you can focus on collaborating, and leave all those technical distractions to us, we switch it on and we make it work, upgrade it, maintain it, secure your data and ensure service resilience, all for a low, predictable monthly cost - all that’s left for you to do is use it.

Up to date - Always!

We embrace Continuous Deployment; this is at the heart of our development philosophy so that we can ensure you always have access to the latest and greatest features, and the most secure system we can possibly provide. Our platform technology allows upgrades to happen “live” and all of your customizations, settings, translations and data are 100% protected at all times and will continue to work after any update. This is 100% no compromise guarantee that we provide.

Fast “free” implementation, rapid value

One click deployment means you can be using Hornbill Collaboration in minutes. Every new customer receives a free “switch on” service which provides the configuration needed to get you up and running. We will integrate you’re your corporate directory service, import and auto-provision users, plug into your e-mail system and have you up and running with your own data in less than a day.