If you need a team or a whole organization requirement, key to any business application is its ability to properly map into your companies organizational structure. Hornbill Collaboration has been specifically built as a business tool and provides the features you need to make the tool completely relevant to your organization.

Your Profile

As a collaboration platform, having information about people you can collaborate with, and therefore sharing information about you so others know your relevance in a subject matter area is critical. Each user of Hornbill Collaboration – known as a “Co-worker” creates their own personal profile. Having full control over the information and privacy levels applied, you can share relevant and useful information about yourself, your skills and experience.

Your Buzz

Every Co-worker gets their own activity stream, this is where they can post updates and thoughts they wish to share, you can think of this as personal micro-blogging. Other co-workers can follow you so they get to see your updates and thoughts, giving you a platform to communicate your thoughts and ideas outside of any specific business topics covered in Workspaces.

Co-worker Directory

Hornbill Collaboration provides you access to browse and search for Co-workers in your organization, you can use this as a simple telephone directory, a way to learn more about the people that work in the same organization as you or as a way to find people you might want to follow.