Today’s business environment is more culturally diverse, spanning many more languages and geographies than ever before. With international travel and trans-global communications more widespread and accessible today than ever before, the pace at which we can work with each other around the world has far outstripped the pace at which we have become a multilingual species.

Here at Hornbill we have created an application that works globally and have focused on creating technology to make it easy for people to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world even if they do not speak the same language.

Language Awareness

Through the use of profiles Hornbill Collaboration knows what language each co-worker is using and by knowing this provides contextual assistance to translate to and from otherwise incompatible conversation exchange. Content is always displayed in its native language but when the system determines you cannot read that language it gives you contextual options to translate the content. Conversely when you are writing content in response to something in another language the system will give you the option to translate before you post, aiding you in building better relationships across cultural boundaries.

Fully Translatable User Interface

The entire user interface can work in any Unicode language and unlike traditional software tools, our software can be translated on the fly by our customers, which means not only can we translate languages but also translate terminology allowing for cultural and industry specific terminology to be adopted easily and without fuss. Translations can be done at any time, right inside the application by anyone you authorize to do so.