E-mail is still the most widely used communications medium for business and this is especially true when communicating with your customers and external organizations. Hornbill’s Collaboration platform provides fully functional shared mailboxes that help you communicate with your customers in a more traditional way – but with a very unique and valuable capability.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox provides you the ability to send and receive mail just like any other e-mail application. The bright modern interface makes it easy to send mail, receive mail, access file attachments

Contact and Organization Tracking

This capability is what makes Hornbill so powerful in its ability to handle e-mail. Every single message that is sent or received is automatically tagged to an organization and/or contact record. This means that entire e-mail history to/from each and every company and contact you send or receive email is tracked against your organization and contact data. This powerful feature helps you not only stay on top of your customer and supplier communications but helps you achieve regulatory compliance and audit traceability.

Enterprise Integration

We integrate directly with your own organizations e-mail infrastructure so that e-mails and sent and received via your own network and security tools. Hornbill plugs in easily through standards compliant industrial strength transmission and security protocols.