• Collaborative ITSM now available in G-Cloud 10

    Collaborative ITSM now available in G-Cloud 10

    Hornbill’s cloud-based Service Manager and collaboration platform and are available in the latest iteration of the UK government’s cloud procurement framework, G-Cloud 10, through the Digital Marketplace.

    Numerous public sector organizations in central government, health care, local authorities and housing have seen the benefits of using Hornbill’s SaaS offerings. With Hornbill’s placement in the G-Cloud 10 and an innovative, free Switch-On service to get you up and running quickly, it has never been easier for public sector organizations to realize the value of truly innovative collaborative service management.


    Find out more about the Hornbill Solutions available on G Cloud at the following links.

    Hornbill Service Manager for IT

    Hornbill Service Manager for IT is an ITSM solution that offers a simple, intuitive way to adopt best practice, with a shorter time to value. Collaborative Service Management blends effective principles from traditional ITSM best-practice with collaboration technologies, enabling IT groups to take more agile approaches to modern business demands.

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    Hornbill Service Manager for HR

    Hornbill Service Manager for HR delivers a simple, intuitive way for HR teams to adopt best practice, with a shorter time to value. Collaborative Service Management blends effective principles from traditional best-practice with collaboration technologies to enable HR groups to take a modern, agile approach to meeting employee needs.

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    Hornbill Enterprise Service Management

    Hornbill’s Enterprise Service Management platform delivers powerful business process orchestration and automation that transforms the productivity of back-office service delivery teams. Hornbill's Enterprise Service Catalog provides a unified and modern service experience, where employees can view/request services, track issues/progress and interact with service delivery teams from any business unit.

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    Hornbill Collaboration

    Hornbill is a business collaboration platform that empowers teams and individuals to work together more effectively, driving digital transformation of the back office. Hornbill provides the tools that enable people to find and share information, collaborate, organise and get work done.

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    Our unique commercial offer...

    A pricing discount for EVERY additional user

    Each time a user is added to the system it will cost less than the last! Ask for a quote.

    Hornbill “Priced for Life” Guarantee

    At Hornbill we guarantee that the price you pay today remains the same for as long as you remain a subscriber to our service. If we do increase the price of our service at some point in the future you won’t be affected, better still if we reduce the price you have the option to switch over to the new price plan without any penalty.

    Free Implementation and a 30 day trial

    We’re so confident that you will find our Service Manager Solution a breath of fresh air we’ll give it to you free for the first 30 days. Not only that, during this period we will also provide you with the support and technical services you need as part of our Switch-On Service, totally free of charge. Try now for free

    Hornbill “Trained for Life”

    Training can be costly and when good people move on to new things, this can leave you with a big gap to fill and worries over how quickly you can get their replacement up to speed. Fortunately, our Trained For Life guarantee ensures that any new Hornbill Champion receives the same extensive care and attention that your very first Hornbill Champion received as part of our free Switch-On.

    No fixed term contract – we don’t lock you in

    No contractual tie in with Hornbill. At Hornbill we believe in happy customers not contractually bound customers.  Hornbill’s collaboration platform and Service Manager are available through the Digital Marketplace immediately: for more information, including product details and costs, visit the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

    Secure Enterprise Grade Cloud Service

    Security and Accountability is central to our Cloud ofering. We understand that you want to ensure that you are working with a reputable partner and most importantly that your data is secured. As such we take great pride in delivering a 1st class service, underpinned by our ISO 27001 certi cation and the Hornbill Terms of Service. This will ensure you have the con dence that we meet your own high standards when it comes to security. To this end you can point your security officer at our Security and Cloud Questions Frequently Asked Questions page.

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