• Hornbill Academy Workshop: Using Hornbill Analytics & Reporting to develop and share meaningful Metrics /KPIs

    Administrators strive to extract meaningful data from Hornbill Service Manager to enable Service owners to make informed, rational decisions about the IT services they offer to customers. Metrics enable IT teams to measure customer satisfaction and analyse performance trends in the drive for continuous improvement. Good metrics provide the foundation for decision making. However, reporting can often be overwhelming, and unless you know where to begin, focus can quickly drift away from the overall goals of the original requirements. 

    Hornbill offers the functionality to generate, display and share this information; from simple features that analysts can use to measure their own performance, right the way through to Hornbill Analytics which can measure daily, weekly and monthly performance trends. This academy is not limited to providing the functional expertise needed to generate and extract this information. It also focuses on where to begin, what to action, and in what order, based on typical business needs. On top of this, you will learn to apply best practice when developing and maintaining your reports/analytics, and get advice on how to share with the relevant audiences.  

    What you will learn...  

    •    Striping back reporting requirements to understand specifically what Hornbill Reporting & Analytics can provide from a business perspective – beyond simple counts of data. 
    •    A high-level overview of the different reporting functionality available, and ideas on when to use each one.
    •    Analyst Dashboards – presenting a unique way of working to the traditional request list. You will learn how to set these up and enable your analysts to make the most of them. 
    •    Advanced Analytics – Hornbills powerful Dashboard and Trending Engine. On your own instance you will build and develop a set of measures to look at trends over time, a set of widgets to help visualise these trends (including live data)  Dashboards to group these widgets together into a single view. You’ll also learn how to loop these Dashboards and display them as a Slideshow to your intended audience. 

    Date:  19th December 2018

    Venue:  Hornbill Offices, Ruislip
    Timings:  10.00 - 16.00

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