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The Hornbill team grows in 2013, the year of customer success!

The Hornbill team grows in 2013, the year of customer success!

June 11th, 2013 -- The year to date: new starters and our 'Customer First' ethos taken to new levels

In 2012 we were very proud to win the coveted SDI 'Supplier of the Year' award, voted for by our customers.  We were definitely doing things right, but towards the end of the year we committed to making some changes to our business that would help us to be even better.

Getting the right people has always been a number one priority here at Hornbill, and now more than ever a proven passion for customer service is at the top of the list when we recruit new people - and not just in customer-facing roles; this is true for every role in the company.

We know that to deliver excellent customer service, we need people who really care - about our customers and about their fellow work peers.  At Hornbill we foster an employee culture where 'amazing' our colleagues and our customers takes centre stage.  We invest only in people who share our 'Customer First' ethos.

Our account management structure has changed and we have introduced Relationship Managers into the team who are dedicated to making sure that our customers achieve the ITSM success they bought Supportworks to help them deliver.  'Customer success' is a key theme for 2013 and beyond.

We have an aggressive recruitment strategy during 2013 and have hired some great people, who amongst many other skills have a proven track record in delivering and supporting great customer success.  A BIG welcome to Matt, Nick, Nanette, Alex, Jeff, Riz, Veronika, Jeffrey, Neil, Gerard, Pamela and Daniel, all who have joined us in the last few months.

The hunt for excellent customer service individuals continues...

There are lots of other ways in which we are improving the way we work to benefit our customers.  We are making Support and Training easier, with a Twitter account for Support and a  YouTube channel to answer common questions.  We want our customers to find what they need quickly and if they can't, soon to be launched On-Demand Training will be free for supported customers and more convenient.  We know how busy our customers are and want to make their lives easier.

Our Customer Community activities continue to grow: we recognise that our customers share similar challenges so we do everything we can to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions and create opportunities to share best practice. We have several free Hornbill Academy events planned for the rest of year, where customers suggest ideas for topics/common challenges and we get a subject matter expert to host an event dedicated to their needs.  We already host a number of Regional and Special Interest customer events and the frequency of these will increase throughout the year, giving customers an opportunity to meet each other and speak to the Hornbill team.

We'll keep everyone updated about the exciting changes happening here and remember to follow  @hornbill_sys for regular company updates.

Speak to you soon!

The Hornbill Team


Gerry Sweeney

Written by Gerry Sweeney

Gerry founded Hornbill in 1995 and has been responsible for the architecture, design, and planning of the products and technologies that form the core of Hornbill's solutions today.