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Remote Working

Remote Working Part 4: – Collaboration Tools, Systems and Employee Business Value Metrics

In Part 3, my goal was to give you a sense of what I thought were some of the key management practices that would need to change and why. In this article I am going to address the challenges to making organisational-wide remote working productive in...

Remote Working Part 3: – Key management practices that must change

In Part 2, I tabled the idea that a transition to remote working will be difficult for many organizations, because I think it’s very important to recognize and deal with the challenges instead of just focusing on the many positives of remote...

Remote Working Part 2: – The “New Normal” is unlikely to happen for most organizations!

In Part 1, I introduced the idea that Remote Working seems simple, and this could be the new normal for many organizations who have a workforce made up of knowledge workers.  When the lockdown for COVID-19 kicked in, all businesses had to adapt and...

Remote Working Part 1: Is working from home really this simple?

On March 23rd 2020, I put out a general company communication that *all* staff should work from home with immediate effect, and until further notice – a communication I never envisaged I would ever put out at Hornbill.

Coronavirus – Remote working and Collaboration

Whilst people argue whether government responses to delay the spread of COVID-19 have been adequate, any measures that are being implemented now, will undoubtedly be escalated during the coming weeks, as countries try to flatten the peak of...

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