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SThree embraces BYOD, powered by Hornbill's Supportworks

SThree embraces BYOD, powered by Hornbill's Supportworks

April 15th, 2013 -- Enables users greater flexibility and access to services via BYOD

SThree originally used a work management system developed in-house for its ITSM needs. As the company grew, this system could no longer cope with the increased IT demands, encouraging SThree to adopt specialist IT Service Management software that would enable the adoption of ITIL best practice.

SThree implemented Supportworks in September 2011: initially used for request and incident management, its use was quickly expanded to cover problem and change management. The system now handles over 3000 requests and incidents every month.

In 2012, SThree also implemented a BYOD policy to allow its workers greater flexibility and use of personal mobile devices. Using Supportworks as the underlying IT Service Management platform, SThree's 'Good Messaging' initiative delivered mail and calendar services to approved user's personal devices - the approval and provisioning automated to ensure rapid delivery to every location globally.

SThree in the news:

'Recruitment firm enables BYOD through service management software'

(Computer Weekly)
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'It's not the device, it's how you use it'

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Gerry Sweeney

Written by Gerry Sweeney

Gerry founded Hornbill in 1995 and has been responsible for the architecture, design, and planning of the products and technologies that form the core of Hornbill's solutions today.