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Hornbill Announces Changes to myservicedesk.com, and Gives IT Service Management Teams a Reason to be Cheerful at the Service Desk & IT Support Show

myservicedesk.com now available in three options; with launch of initiative to win a free lifetime implementation of the SaaS ITSM application, myservicedesk.com PRO
Hornbill Service Management, winners of the SDI IT Supplier of the Year Award 2012, announced today changes to its cloud-based ITSM application  myservicedesk.com; which is now available as three distinct options,  PROEXPERT and DEVELOPERmyservicedesk.com is a SaaS solution which supports ITIL best practices, previously only available as a PRO option and now offered as three options to suit the varying needs of different organisations. Hornbill further announced an initiative giving IT Service Management teams the opportunity to win a completely free lifetime implementation of its cloud-based ITSM application,  myservicedesk.com PRO. The initiative, to be launched at the Service Desk & IT Support Show 2013, will see the chosen winner receive a free lifetime subscription for up to ten users, to Hornbill's SaaS application,  myservicedesk.com PRO; including implementation support from Hornbill's QuickStart package.

"While the need for IT Service Management and support that meets best practice is a constant, there are variations between the needs, resources and levels of expertise in different organisations. We have a customer-first ethos at Hornbill, and as such, wanted to offer our customers a solution which is best suited to their needs. These three myservicedesk.com packages enable us to do this," said Gerry Sweeney, Hornbill CEO. "We are committed to giving back to the ITSM community, and listen closely to our customers' feedback. Many of our customers tell us that being able to observe ITIL best practice procedures is critical to their business;   myservicedesk.com has support for 11 ITIL processes built in. We wanted to go one step further and give one service desk team a very real reason to be cheerful, with a completely free instance of  myservicedesk.com PRO for life."

The Service Desk & IT Support Show is held on the 23rd and 24th of April at Earl's Court, London. All visitors to the Hornbill stand will be invited to register to receive an entry form; the winner will be announced at the SDI Conference on Monday the 17th June, 2013.

myservicedesk.com PRO, one of three SaaS options that Hornbill offers, is already one of the most cost effective enterprise level ITSM products on the market. One of the key benefits of  myservicedesk.com PRO is that it can be used almost immediately 'out of the box', with no customisation needed.  It is easy to deploy and delivers rapid value, ideal for service desks that need to get up and running quickly, and it offers an intuitive and easy to navigate interface. The application has been designed to support ITIL best practices and is highly configurable. Application upgrades and back-up are carried out automatically, enabling service desks teams to focus on their customers rather than infrastructure management.

myservicedesk.com is also available as  EXPERT and  DEVELOPER versions, both of which offer the best practice functionality and flexibility of  myservicedesk.com PRO; with the ability to tailor the product to more complex or mature business requirements. As a cloud-based solution,  myservicedesk.com supports improved business resilience and customer service, allowing IT service teams to work from any location at any time. All three  myservicedesk.com options support a range of functions; including incident logging and viewing incident history; change approvals and logging; and viewing and downloading operational reports.

Gerry Sweeney said, "Demand for Hornbill's SaaS ITSM solutions has grown rapidly since we launched  myservicedesk.com. A common driver behind adoption is the ability for service desk teams to remove the hassle of infrastructure management associated with On-Premise ITSM solutions, instead opting for the resilience and security delivered by our internally managed cloud platform. We're very excited to welcome the winner of this initiative to the Hornbill community."

To find out more about Hornbill's SaaS ITSM solutions, visit www.myservicedesk.com.

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