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    Collaboration is essential for modern ITSM

    In this video, I chat with Kaimar Karu, Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS. We discuss why collaboration is essential for modern ITSM and how it increases visibility and openness, both between IT teams, and with customers.

    Meet modern user expectations driven by consumer experiences

    As I discussed in my introduction to this series, many business applications give a user experience that is far removed from that of the apps that people use in their everyday lives...

    Reduce the length, complexity and cost of installation, integration, maintenance and upgrades

    We’ve been talking about the need to simplify ITSM to meet consumer expectations and add more business value...

    Why a functionality gap prevents service desks meeting user expectations – and its impact

    Last time, I introduced the idea that many service desks are lagging behind user expectations and that this is usually due to their ITSM solution...

    How to simplify the challenges of modern ITSM

    In this series of blog entries, I’ll be looking at how ITSM has fallen behind the rapid pace of technological change and the heightened expectations of modern end-users and service desk agents...

    SDI Awards Finalist - Best implementation of an ITSM solution

    In partnership with our customer, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Hornbill is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as finalists in the category of “Best Implementation of an ITSM Solution” at the SDI’s IT Service and Support Awards...

    21st century ITSM – is it really worth the trouble?

    I’ve been drawing on a recent Aberdeen Group research report to explain what distinguishes best-in-class ITSM, or ‘21st century ITSM’ as Aberdeen calls it...

    So how does an ITSM function get to be best in class?

    Prompted by Aberdeen Group’s report Embracing 21st Century ITSM, I’ve been thinking about the causes of end-user dissatisfaction with IT support...

    End-users – what upsets them and what makes them happy?

    If you run an ITSM operation and your users seem unhappy, you’re not alone. As I discussed last time, a recent Aberdeen Group report, Embracing 21st Century ITSM, documents research showing that 25% of users were dissatisfied, 6% extremely so, with the IT service they received...

    Getting away from ’old school’ ITSM

    A new report from Aberdeen Group, Embracing 21st Century ITSM by Jim Rapoza, uncovers some quite alarming facts about user attitudes to ITSM...


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