IT Service Management Software - ITIL v3 compatible

Supportworks ITSM software provides a comprehensive system for the adoption of ITIL processes, whether your organization is looking at ITIL service management for the first time or is more advanced in its adoption.

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise - comprehensive ITIL software

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise service desk software provides the optimum combination of business process automation, functionality and flexibility, delivering a comprehensive ITIL-compatible application that satisfies most IT service management requirements out of the box. Fully integrated processes and support templates enable rapid adoption of key components of the service lifecycle. For organizations that do not wish to adopt all of these disciplines immediately, they can simply be 'switched off' and 'switched on' again when the service desk is ready.

ITIL Compatible Software - PinkVERIFY™ 3.0

Pink Elephant Inc, has certified Supportworks ITSM Enterprise in accordance with its PinkVERIFY™ 3.0 program: Supportworks meets or exceeds the ITIL V3 suitability requirements for the processes listed.

ITIL Service Desk Software with the Human Touch

"ITIL implementation is largely influenced by the perception, motives and attitudes of those involved." Service Futures Group

Supportworks ITSM software improves service response through 'Human Touch' features, putting people at the heart of ITIL & making ITSM processes transparent, so helping to overcome the common barriers to successful adoption.

  • Service desk operatives have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of their customers, thanks to an interface with contextual information.
  • Customers receive quality service, on their terms, via SelfService and from support analysts who are better informed.
  • Administrators benefit from visual tools contributing to a faster and more successful adoption of ITSM best practice.

Improve Customer Service with ITSM software

Supportworks ITSM presents information in an accessible, non-technical way to service desk analysts and business users. Click any image to enlarge.

Service desk software: Fast and easy to configure

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise software is non-prescriptive and can be configured to meet additional business processes not strictly defined by ITIL, providing ultimate flexibility. Hornbill's pre-packed service desk application templates provide a starting point that significantly reduces configuration effort. In addition, Supportworks ITSM software does not require specialist programming skills to configure. A series of wizards and drag-and-drop design environments greatly simplifies configuration, allowing any competent IT professional to modify the application without specialist knowledge.