Although Supportworks scored highly on all our business requirements criteria, including technical requirements, quality of training, support and extensibility for a competitive price, Supportworks' usability was the winning factor

Sharon Mone
Taylor Wessing

As well as product functionality, one of the key reasons for selecting the system was its ability to be configured to run separate helpdesk solutions to support different areas of the business. The look and feel was important and we were impressed with the Supportworks' Windows-type user environment. We had also received feedback that Hornbill provided good, consistent service and support.

Adrian Crisp
House of Fraser

Assetworks Discovery has helped us to collect data and build a comprehensive repository of information. It will allow us to manage more effectively our assets within the company and ultimately save us money on unaccounted for or lost assets.

Neil Kellar
Camelot Group plc

Before we had Supportworks we were reacting to calls coming in. Now we can prioritise and plan better which helps us to manage our time. The web self-service has also greatly reduced the volume of calls for simple issues.

Mark White
Middlesbrough PCT

Before we implemented Supportworks we had a wide variety of locations for customer related information. Now all our information is consolidated into a single updatable repository, used by 95% of our organisation. This means that all staff now have quick and easy access to the key information relating to our customers - we can now answer questions in a matter of minutes instead of many hours.

Dermot Murray
Fraser Williams Commercial Systems

By extending our services wider throughout the NHS, we are providing a much more efficient service. Thanks to Supportworks we have an excellent reporting capability now. Using this we can even foresee that the Help Desk might be a revenue generating operation, whereby we can cross charge for our services as we take on a greater support role across the NHS organisation.

David Jamieson
Northumbria NHS Trust

By implementing one system that meets the needs of three different departments we anticipate major savings, not only on the initial purchase of three different systems we would otherwise have made, but also on future maintenance costs which include the economies of scale associated with supporting one system rather than three.

Nik Thompson

By the end of 2005 we are looking to deal with 95% of calls within an hour. Without Supportworks it would be very difficult for us to manage this kind of performance, because we simply wouldn't have the information in time. The ability to search quickly for information on previous calls within the knowledgebase, and the facility to share information with other users are major factors in our ability to meet the new call resolution targets.

Susan Lee
Addleshaw Goddard

Compared with other solutions, Hornbill's Supportworks unquestionably provides the flexibility and ease of use we were looking for.

Axel Larsson
Drew University

Despite the increased number of internal customers, we have been able to keep the number of staff in the team to a core number by working efficiently and using Supportworks to standardise procedures and automate many processes.

David Beaton
Midas Group

Ease of use is paramount for our non-IT users and they highly commend Supportworks. The Self-Service module is its best feature for our business as it helps to reduce the quantity of calls to the helpdesk thus improving our customer service and further supporting our customer service strategy.

Sharon Mone
Taylor Wessing

From being a purely technical support desk we have become the single point of support for our users for all of the new NHS systems which come under the 'Connecting for Health' banner, as well as for the existing legacy GP systems, information systems and server infrastructure.

Mark White
Middlesbrough PCT

Hornbill produced the initial configurations, but this simplicity of the system with the drag and drop design tools, means that it is very simple for our IT department to reconfigure to meet changing needs. As a "layman" I expected to be totally confused by the system; however, it is very simple to follow.

Paul Copley
Sharp Electronics

Hornbill rapidly develop their Supportworks product to meet the growing expectations of this organisation. The support from Hornbill is excellent, with prompt responses to any calls, with Hornbill using their own product to manage this process.

Robin Barlow
South Hams District Council
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